Absolute Agri: The Insurance Solution for Farmers’ Peace of Mind

In order to provide well-rounded, comprehensive coverage, industries need to have their own inherent risks assessed through competent insurance underwriting services. We have meticulously tailored our Absolute Agri offering to provide specific coverage which is crucial for optimum client satisfaction and asset protection. Custom insurance products, such as Absolute Agri, developed by Assurant Underwriting Managers, a professional insurance underwriting manager, has a strong commercial foundation with the addition of comprehensive extensions to cover agricultural-specific assets and requirements.

Optimum Protection
Custom agricultural insurance provides clients with comprehensive coverage to ensure protection against large losses. Clients’ agricultural and personal assets are included in the design of the coverage, such as personal buildings, farm buildings, farming vehicles, plants and implements. The protection of all these assets is therefore maximised for the benefit of farmers. Brokers are now able to offer their clients a well-rounded, industry-specific insurance product formulated by expert insurance underwriters.

Well-Packaged Risk Coverage

A comprehensive insurance product should be coupled with specialised insurance underwriting services. Experienced insurance underwriting managers evaluate the various distinctive risks associated with each industry to provide a two-fold benefit for both the insurance provider and the client. There is no doubt that due to various factors, farmers have risks that are prominent in their industry. Our Absolute Agri product was developed to provide the correct coverage for the unique risks of farmers.

Absolute Agri Covers More
Absolute Agri by Assurant offers a customised insurance solution for brokers to offer their clients. Absolute Agri has been developed for farmers so that their assets and future are protected with the right cover. Contact Assurant for more information on who we are and what specialised insurance products we can offer you for the ultimate satisfaction of your clients.