Effective Risk Management Solutions for Damage Caused by Load Shedding  

One of the values which is strictly upheld by Assurant Underwriting Managers is the personal touch which is added to each and every service offering. First and foremost, our professional insurance underwriting services are developed and offered in order to offer Short Term insurance brokers a simplified and personal solution for their clients. Our quality of service, skills, and reputation is what differentiates us from the open market and we continually strive to uphold these values.

 Our Invaluable Experience
 Through our invaluable industry experience, we guarantee the provision of professional and in-depth knowledge and services for our brokers and their clients. Our team have decades of knowledge in Short Term insurance. This awards our company with the collective industry experience required to formulate specific insurance products and offer our brokers the support they need to become leaders in the industry and have a successful track record of satisfied clients.

 Our Wide Range of Specific Products

 Our wide range of Short Term insurance products enables brokers to meet their clients’ specific needs. Our products, which include Agricultural, Commercial, Sectional Title and Personal Insurance, awards brokers with the opportunity to have a specifically formulated insurance offering, expertly packaged to meet individual needs and requirements. These products offer brokers the solutions they need to cater to the demands of a modern insurance market. Along with these products, an expert team is able to assist brokers with any additional requirements and queries.

 Our Small Team of Industry Experts Offer You Greater Value
 Our small team of industry experts ensures that you get the personal touch required to have a direct and transparent approach to products and services. As part of our value-added services, we guarantee that our clients are able to reach the professional assistance they require to have any queries or concerns answered to in a timeous fashion. We do not make it a part of our culture to have unnecessary waiting times between reaching an agent and waiting on answers from decision makers. At Assurant Underwriting Managers, we make the experts available to you, enabling speedy and comprehensive assistance and advice with a quicker turnaround time.

 We Streamline Processes
 As part of our mission to make the working lives of our brokers easier, we formulate processes and platforms which ensure streamlined communication and accessibility. Our Broker Dashboard enables you to easily access and download the documents and policies needed, applications, claims, procedures, and more. This platform has been designed to make things that much easier for brokers to offer a comprehensive service to their clients. We additionally offer personal and immediate communication lines between our underwriting team and our clients, enabling immediate and effective assistance into any matter. Find out more about who we are and what we offer insurance brokers to help them excel in the industry. Our team of dedicated experts are happy to assist with any enquiries and look forward to building relationships with the benefit of an assured personal touch.